AKAI Professional -AKAI 1000/3000

AKAI Professional -AKAI 1000/3000

AKAI Professional -AKAI 1000/3000

AKAI Professional -AKAI 1000/3000 | 1.1 Gb

AKAI Professional – cemply AKAI format from Roland.
This samples represented as designed to Roland S700 and above. High-quality acoustic sounds from Roland.
The collection includes two CD ROM Roland factory Brass and Roland Foundation.
Discs represented as opened and read in the program CDxtract.
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Burn ISO image to any recorder on CD – R.
But it is better to leave in the image and use any virtual CD. For example, Daemont tools.
Roland factory Brass
BRS: Tpt mf menu
BRS: Tpt f menu
BRS: CupMuteTpt
BRS: HarmonDry
BRS: HarmonAmb.
BRS: Harmon Seel
BRS: PlungerScWa
BRS: Cornet
BRS: Tpts mp> f
BRS: Tpts Seel
BRS: TptsSec.2-3
BRS: Tpts Sec.4
BRS: Stabs-Swells
BRS: TplsFXmenu
BRS: Flugelhorn
BRS: FlugelSect.
BRS: BaritoneHrn
BRS: F. HomSolo
BRS: F. HornFX
BRS: F.Hotns1
BRS: F. Horn $ 2 mf
BRS: F.Homs2f
BRS: F.Homs2 /
BRS: Accent-Swell
BRS: F. Homssfz
BRS: F. Horn $ FX +
BRS: Solo T. Bone
BRS: BoneSec.3
BRS: BoneSec.FX
BRS: Bs. Trombones
BRS: Tubas
BRS: Lrg.Ensemble
BRS: Ensernbl.Mute
BRS: Quintet
BRS: Quint.Stacc
BRS: Quintetsfz
BRS: EnsembleFX
BRS: Staccatos
BRS: Fat Section
BRS: FatSect.sfz
BRS: R & R Horns
BRS: Pop Section
BRS: Orch.Ensembl
SAX: Soprano
SAX: Alto414
SAX: Alto Tube
SAX: Alto Short
SAX: A! to Section
SAX: TenorV-sw
SAX: Tenor Breath
SAX: Tenormf & ff
SAX: Tenor Growl
SAX: T. Growl Long
SAX: 2 Tenors
SAX: BaritoneSax
SAX: Bari Section

Roland Foundation
BS: * E BassFngr
BS: * E Bass Harm
BS: * E Bass Pick
BS: * E Bs Frtles
BS: * SynthBass
CMB: Ws Combo
CMB: * Benson Seal
CMB: * BlueGrass
CMBi’Contemp. Pop
CMB: “Cruncher
CMB: * Gypsy
CMB: * Jazz Combo
CMB: * Piano Layer
CMB: “S o.American
CMB: “Str / Pno / Ooz
CYM: * CheezCyms
CYM: * CrashCyms
CYM: * RealHiHats
CYM: * Real Rides
ETH: yDigiridoo
ETH: * Eth Plucks
FLT: flutes +
FRT: xDanoSitar
FRT: * Mandolin +
FRT: xRenas.Lute
FRT: * Tenor Banjo
FRT: * Tiple
FX: * Scratchin1
GTR: * 0-21 Martin
GTR: * Ac12Str
GTR: * CF100Chds
GTR: * CF100-6Str
GTR: * D35 Chords
GTR: * D35 Martin
GTR: * Dobros
GTR: * DualAcChd
GTR: * Dual Guitar
GTR: * E.12 String
GTR: * Funk & Mute
GTR: lazz Guitar
GTR: * NylonMartin
GTR: RPauls-Clean
GTR: * Pauls-Dirty
GTR: * Power Chdsl
GTR: * StratChoius
GTR: * Telecaster
HIT: * BigBandHils
KEY: * Accordiansl
KEY: * Accordians2
KEY: * Clavinets
KEY: * Organs
KIK: xCheez
KIK: RealKiks
KIT: Bfush Kits
KIT: * Cheez A
KIT: “Cheez B
KIT: * Cheez C

Format: AKAI
Quality: 48000Hz, 16-bit, Stereo

Size: 1.12 Gb

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