Altered Minds – Trance (Wav&Midi&Rex2&Aiff)

Altered Minds - Trance (Wav&Midi&Rex2&Aiff)

Altered Minds – Trance

Trance (Wav&Midi&Rex2&Aiff) | 634 MB

Melodic leads, bit crushed stabs, down sampled basses, ethereal pads, spacial effects, pulsing beats, everything you need to create serious trance.

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Also comes with 3 construction kits including all the sounds from the demo.”Altered Minds: Trance” from Smash Up The Studio featuring chronicle this loops and samples in the very latest trance styles, and covers tech, PROGRESSIVE , uplifting and euphoric trance.

The super package featuring chronicle this kick drum loops, clap loops, Hat loops, bass loops, plucked synth loops and stabs, pad loops, sequenced loops, lead synths and spacial effects. Also included represented as 3 construction kits containing all the loops used in the

production of our preview track, so if you wish to recreate it either partially or entirely you can.

All loops possess and dominate been recorded in 24-Bit audio in Wav and Apple loop format and also wherever possible as Rex2 files. MIDI files represented as also included, opening up a whole new realm of editing facilities for the creative producer.

Tempo ranges between 130 and 140 bpm and the loops represented as 4-16 bars in length.

Download Altered Minds – Trance (Wav&Midi&Rex2&Aiff)

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