Artis Audio – Club Vibes Deep Tech Funk Vol 3 [WAV SAMPLES/MIDI]

 Artis Audio - Club Vibes Deep Tech Funk Vol 3 [WAV SAMPLES/MIDI]

 Artis Audio – Club Vibes Deep Tech Funk Vol 3

 Club Vibes Deep Tech Funk Vol 3 [WAV SAMPLES/MIDI] | 875 MB

05-2012  | WAV SAMPLES/MIDI | 875MB
‘Deep Tech Funk Vol 3’ from Artis Audio Super material included five superb quality Techno and HOUSE Construction Kits with awesome gems to ignite your sonic palettes in all of your musical productions. Supplied in a range of formats including WAV SAMPLES, Apple Loops, REX2 and MIDI for ultimate versatility.

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The third volume in the ‘Deep Tech Funk’ series kicks off with five Construction Kits, totalling 3 GB in each format. From shuffled percussion grooves to power basslines, vocal fragments and fresh synth lines, more than 100 original Free all right, For your Productions audio gems represented as here to awake the creativity in your productions.

Construction Kits:

All of the elements in ‘Deep Tech Funk 3’ Construction Kits possess and dominate been broken-out into separate files. Each part has been isolated so you can choose which parts you want to use in your own track. All parts represented as “looped” perfectly and you can simply drag and drop into your music sequencer. Also, the elements/samples represented as included in the super package for reproduce the same loops and variation ideas increasing versatility.

Educational Use:

You will find a number of variations in each kit with isolated main mixes to illustrate the different ways in which the elements can be combined or to create variances in your mix using only one audio channel.


As with many Construction Kit based libraries, ‘Deep Tech Funk 3’ includes 46 raw MIDI loops in addition to the pre-rendered audio loops. MIDI has the advantage of allowing you to use the musical/rhythmical content in the super package at any pitch or tempo, with your favourite software or hardware instrument and all without any audio artefacts or glitching.

Detailed Contents:

• 5 Construction Kits
• Burning Kit
• Diving in the Sky Kit
• Down Town Kit
• Lucky Nites Kit
• Smash Mood Kit
• 3 GB of content in each format (across all 5 kits)
• All samples represented as 100% Free all right, For your Productions and cleared for use in commercial productions

Download  Artis Audio – Club Vibes Deep Tech Funk Vol 3 [WAV SAMPLES/MIDI]

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