Astro Audio Trippy WAV SAMPLES/AiFF

Astro Audio Trippy WAV SAMPLES/AiFF

Astro Audio Trippy

Audio Trippy WAV SAMPLES/AiFF | 565 MB

Trippy is the first sensational release from the awesome Astro Audio. As you experience the best moment of your life, imagine the earth slowing down and spinning in slow motion, turning that 60 seconds into the greatest 60 minutes you’ve ever experienced. Now that’s Trippy!

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At least we possess and dominate the perfect soundtrack prepared to capture that moment, just in case it does happen. So relax your mind and let your conscience be free – you aren’t rolling with the thugs from the R.O.C, but take a trip with Astro Audio.

Bass synths, chords, and melodies will guide you to an auditory paradise that artists like Wiz Khalifa, The Weekend, Lil Wayne, and Frank Ocean would love their vocals to visit for the ultimate three minutes and 30 seconds trip through the airwaves to the top of the charts! Pretty trippy, huh?

Product Details:
24-Bit WAV SAMPLES Loops
962.7 MB of total content
5 Tempo-labelled Construction Kits
5 Mixed and mastered mini-mixes
WAV SAMPLES & AIFF files at your disposal

home page: package-wav-apple/2025174-02/

Astro Audio Trippy WAV SAMPLES/AiFF SAMPLES-AiFF.html

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