Audio Raiders Sasha Soundlab KONTAKT SAMPLES DVDR

Audio Raiders Sasha Soundlab KONTAKT SAMPLES DVDR

Audio Raiders Sasha Soundlab

Sasha Soundlab KONTAKT SAMPLES DVDR | 1.5 GB

Mark the Release DYNAMiCS | January 2012 | 
AudioRaiders has invaded Sasha’s studio to bring you the first collection of sounds and software instruments that truly capture the heart and soul of one of dance music’s most iconic producers.

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If you’ve ever had an epic club night one of those evenings you stayed out until the sun was rising and woke up feeling alive like never before then you’ve likely already heard a Sasha track. His music has touched and inspired two generations of dance music fans. Now, you can get access to his sounds and techniques for your productions.

This is not just a sample library
Any successful producer will tell you that you’ll never create a chart-topping song by simply layering stock samples on top of each other. You need to customize and create your own style. That’s exactly what Sasha Soundlab lets you do.

MD pitch, envelopes, velocity and filters.
Shape sounds with real-time multi-effects.
Use the Glitch Machine to add dynamic fills and transitions.

Who is Sasha Soundlab for
This is a powerful tool for DJs, dance music producers and composers of all levels whether you want to crack the Beatport Top 10, create an authentic club track for a film score or add original music to your mix.

20 pad and lead synths
69 drum and percussion kits
100 customizable loops and grooves

What you’ll get Hundreds of amazing sounds, made by Sahsa himself, using racks of gear most of us can only dream of owning.

Samples processed through stomp boxes, tube pre-amps and more. Drum machines loaded with grooves that will instantly ROCK the dance floor.
Classic step sequencer

1. Unpack
2. Burn or Mount
3. Use

Download Audio Raiders Sasha Soundlab KONTAKT SAMPLES DVDR

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