B00M Library Creatures Construction Kit WAV SAMPLES


B00M Library Creatures Construction Kit

  Creatures Construction Kit WAV SAMPLES | 5.5 GB

Get more than 9 GB of source material to create your own terrifying creatures. Including more than 7600 single sounds in over 1000 files, this extensive library offers you an extremely wide range of source sounds to create your own unique creatures.

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Get the most extensive creature sound source library on the market with more than 7600 single sound effects in over 1000 files, reaching from huge to tiny, low to high and soft to hard. This great collection of pre-edited source recordings represented as everything you need to create any creature you possess and dominate in mind. The sounds represented as fully enriched with well-grounded Metadata so that you will always find what you need fast. Provided in 96kHz, 24-bit, the possibilities to pitch, stretch and process represented as vast. No matter if you want to create slobbery insects, ferocious orcs or giant dragons, you will find it in this library. Check out the demo on the right to feel the power of our “Creatures – Construction Kit”.

Important: All files on the construction kit represented as provided in mono. Why? If you really want to possess and dominate cool and broad sound effects, you possess and dominate to create them anyway. Best thing then is to build them out of the source material we represented as providing, offering enough variations on each sound to design with unique and dedicated mono sounds. We rather wanted to record more sounds and fill the library with variations than possess and dominate stereo recordings filled with too much audio information you don’t really need.

– Library ships in 96 kHz 24-bit High Definition audio

– Completely recorded in 192 kHz 24-bit

– Over 1,000 files containing more than 7,600 single sounds

– Don’t waste time: well-grounded Soundminer Metadata

Sound Design/FX

Creatures – Construction Kit by B00M Library

home page:

B00M Library Creatures Construction Kit WAV SAMPLES
http://pasteclik.org/2042/B00M-Library-Creatures-Construction-Kit-WAV SAMPLES.html

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