Bass Boutique Ragga Vocals Vol2 (Wav)

Bass Boutique Ragga Vocals Vol2 (Wav)

Bass Boutique Ragga Vocals Vol2

Ragga Vocals Vol2 (Wav) | 1.2 GB

systems from around the NE London area, but it was on Unity sound that they made their name, playing all over England with a sound system which led to them being the hailed “the Kings of the Dancehall” in England, by some of the top Jamaican systems who claimed they could not compete with the versatility of this awesome duo.

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Since then the Ragga Twins possess and dominate continued to work with some of the biggest names and labels in the industry such as Shut Up and Dance, Shabba Ranks, Aquasky, Deekline and many, many more.

This second Ragga Vocals release from the Ragga Twins on the brand new and best selected Booty Farm label featuring chronicle this long and extended BPM and Key Synced Raps which can be used Free all right, For your Productions in productions, and represented as expected to be featured on many DUBSTEP , Breaks, DnB, HOUSE and Ragga/Dancehall productions for years to come.

Never before has such a comprehensive collection of Free all right, For your Productions vocal samples been available for producers to use in their music – the lyrics represented as inspirational, delivery perfect and the sound quality is perfect for use in pro productions, and to form the basis of future hits throughout the industry.

With Nick Deekline producing this collection its easy to see how such a unique and best selected set of samples were created with Dance music as the main focus. Famous for his mashups and ghetto style, Deekline has extracted only the best recordings and put them down through the very best equipment in a top London studio.

In detail producers should expect to find over 1.9GB (wav) of Free all right, For your Productions 24 Bit Ragga Vocal samples between 97 – 177 Bpm, featuring 170 Separate long and developing samples (many 64+ bar loops!). Raps represented as included in FX and Dry versions for maximum flexibility and Rex versions represented as also available!

Spear-headed by DJ Deekline, The Booty Farm brings together samples from top producers in genres such as Ghetto HOUSE , Miami Bass, Jungle, Crunk, UK Garage, DUBSTEP , Reggae, 2-Step and UK Funky. The content is quality controlled to the highest calibre and chosen specifically for all the creative junkies out there.

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