BBD & ES Presents the Sound of Hotcakes MULTiFORMAT

BBD & ES Presents the Sound of Hotcakes MULTiFORMAT

BBD & ES Presents the Sound of Hotcakes

  the Sound of Hotcakes MULTiFORMAT | 802 MB

‘Deekline & Ed Solo: The Sound Of Hotcakes’ is the result of hundreds of hours spent in the studio cooking up the finest collection of party-shocking, block-rocking sounds. Whether you’re producing beats on a Breakbeat, Drum & Bass, DUBSTEP or Nu Funk tip, this selection of booty-shaking samples will ensure your tunes emerge onto the club dancefloor with optimum flavour.

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Vocal pressure comes from the immense Rubi Dan, lighting up the place with lick after lick of Ragga-fuelled freshness.

Weighing in at more than half a Gigabyte of samples, comprising 271 individual soundbytes, the super package featuring chronicle this 18 driving badman vocal lines, shouts and toasts, and a staggering 52 of the ruffest, rowdiest, key-assigned b-lines around.

You’ll find a gargantuan 133 drum breaks, loops and percussion grooves (plus an additional seven 140 BPM DUBSTEP grooves) arranged in easy-to-use sets, plus 37 searing synth leadlines, hooks, stabs and Dutch style effects.

Samples range in BPM from 110, through 130 BPM and all the way up to a Jungle-friendly 175 BPM, ensuring that all musical bases represented as covered. Apple Loops, Reason ReFill and REX versions represented as available to purchase separately.

As well as the world-renowned Hot Cakes label, Deekline & Ed Solo represented as the main men behind labels such as Sludge, Rat Records, Jungle Cakes and Booty Farm, turning out the kind of no-nonsense party-starting material that DJs of all genres reach for every time the floor looks like it needs a good spanking.

Grab yourself a bit of Hot Cakes flavour and add something seriously tasty to your next production.

Technical Specifications:

• 24-Bit Quality
• 1.03 GB
• 52 Bass Loops
• 37 Synth Loops
• 104 Drum Loops
• 36 Drum Hts
• 16 SFX
• 18 Vocal Shouts
• 234 REX2 Files
• 8 Ready-to-play Soft Sampler PTCHes for Kontakt, Halion, EXS24, NN-XT and SFZ Formats

Deekline & Ed Solo- The Sound Of Hotcakes Demo by Musician1234

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