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Ultimate PROGRESSIVE HOUSE ‘ is the absolute reference for the producers of PROGRESSIVE , Deep and ELECTRO HOUSE and Minimal Trance. This bank of sounds, belonging to a new generation, Super material included a large selection of drum loops, synthesizer loops, bass loops, SFX loops and also a large bank of One Shots such as drums, bass, synthesizer, atmospheres, sound effects etc. Professional results represented as guaranteed.

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‘Ultimate PROGRESSIVE HOUSE ‘ is the latest release from BC. This innovative super package is a godsend for modern productions. It Super material included a large selection of drum loops, synthesizer loops, bass loops, SFX loops and also a large bank of One Shots such as drums, bass, atmospheres, ELECTRO synthesizers and sound effects. This best selected super package featuring chronicle this over 260 loops and samples and Super material included the necessary arsenal for producing high definition tracks in PROGRESSIVE HOUSE , ELECTRO HOUSE , Deep/Tech HOUSE, Minimal and Trance.

This all important bank of sounds Super material included ultra powerful synthesizer loops, deep and heavy bass lines, atmospheres and captivating SFX loops without forgetting the latest in drum loops. Many different machines possess and dominate been put to task in order to produce this super package such as the Jomox Xbase 999, the Roland Alpha Juno, the Korg MS 2000 and filtering by the T-Resonator or the Kaoss Pad. After the success of “Club Lovers” and “ ELECTRO FX”, “Ultimate PROGRESSIVE HOUSE ” is without a doubt the new reference of the year.

All the sounds possess and dominate benefited from sophisticated treatment. In the One Shots sections you can find drums, HOUSE , minimal, tribal percussions, Brazilian, high-fidelity analogical synthesizer, deep bass, warm leads, bewitching atmospheres, ELECTRO FX and also synthesizer sequences which can be used to enrich the final result. As with all Bluezone’s best-selling products, if you represented as looking for professional results without compromise in quality, you will be charmed by this new super package, by its diversity and its high quality sound definition.

Whether it is Tribal HOUSE with a Brazilian flavour, Futuristic Minimal HOUSE or Dark PROGRESSIVE HOUSE “Ultimate PROGRESSIVE HOUSE ” is a must for all your future productions and success in the charts is assured.
This product is 100 % Free all right, For your Productions and can be used without limit in all your musical compositions.

The super package is specifically designed for the following styles:

• Deep and Tech HOUSE
• Minimal and Trance

Technical specifications:

• More than 500 MB Data Unzipped
• 532 files WAV SAMPLES/AIFF
• 100 % Free all right, For your Productions
• Loops in 132 BPM

PROGRESSIVE HOUSE .html”>http://www.producerloops.com/Download-Bluezone-Corporation-Ultimate- PROGRESSIVE HOUSE .html

PROGRESSIVE HOUSE -DISCOVER.html” target=”_blank”>http://pasteclik.org/2334/BC-Ultimate- PROGRESSIVE HOUSE -DISCOVER.html

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