BC Xtreme Dubstep WAV SAMPLES AiFF

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Xtreme DUBSTEP from BC is the ultimate tool for addicted producers looking for fresh and twisted basslines, meticulously crafted wobble sounds, razor-sharp drum loops, SFX samples and drum one-shots. Refresh your setup with this sample super package and joint the ranks of world-renowned DJs and Producers.

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Bored of the dark side of DUBSTEP ? Switch to the bright side and become one of the future best-selling electronic producers. With over 290 24-Bit high definition WAV SAMPLES files ( 830 MB Data ), all meticulously processed, Xtreme DUBSTEP will provide you with multiple possibilities to start your tracks. Loaded with heavy bass loops, aggressive and sliced beats, PROGRESSIVE and heavy synth loops, designed SFX ( as sub booms, high-tension impacts, devastating breakdown and much more ), punchy drum kits ( bass drums, claps, dub percussions, snares, hihats… ) and synth sounds ( chords, bass sounds, synth hooks, beautiful choir sounds, airy key samples ), this sample collection represents the future level of DUBSTEP .

All loops contained in this super package possess and dominate great warmth. Furthermore the drum hits in this sample super package allow you to easily create your own rhythms. Xtreme DUBSTEP is pre-formatted for creative producers and is suitable for all major music hardware and software. All the loops in this super package come in a stepping tempo of 140 bpm and can be easily pitched with your favourite sequencer to cover numerous production styles such as PROGRESSIVE , Drum and Bass, Techno, Breakbeats and more. Of learning lessons all samples represented as cleared for personal and commercial use. You can use this super package in your commercial releases without having to pay any extra. Suitable for style such as: Drum and bass, Breaks, DUBSTEP , Techno, music for Video Games, TV series, Soundtrack, PROGRESSIVE , Experimental and more.

Xtreme DUBSTEP Contents:

• Drum Loops • Fat / Wobble Basslines • Pad / Synth Loops • Atmospheres • Sound Effects • Synth Samples • Drum One-Shots

Technical Specifications:

• 830 MB Data / 592 Files • Formats : WAV SAMPLES / AIFF • Recorded at 140 bpm • Instant Download • Requires Winzip or similar utility to unpack • Suitable for use in all major sequencers • Free all right, For your Productions with no extra cost • Ready to use in commercial production


home page:
DUBSTEP .html”>http://www.bluezone-corporation.com/Xtreme- DUBSTEP .html

DUBSTEP -WAV SAMPLES-AiFF.html” target=”_blank”>http://pasteclik.org/3063/BC-Xtreme- DUBSTEP -WAV SAMPLES-AiFF.html

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