BFA Hard Tracks For Cinema DVDR

BFA Hard Tracks For Cinema DVDR

BFA Hard Tracks For Cinema DVDR

Hard Tracks For Cinema DVDR  | 2 GB

Scoring a film with Soundtrack and Final Cut? Need Apple Loop files to load into Logic7, GarageBand or your favorite DAW? “Hard Tracks for Cinema” will get it done with rough and tough Breakbeat, ELECTRO , Big Beat, Nu School Breaks, Hardcore, Nu Metal and Experimental beats.

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These construction kits give you 2 gigs of monster beats, basslines, rough guitar riffs, mean synths, hard FX and tons more! Don’t waste any more time digging around looking for the right sounds, take advantage of Apple Loops’ descriptors, tags, genres and other search featuring chronicle this. If you compose music for television, movies, commercials or video games, you need this collection!
This 2 Gig DVD-ROM Super material included four sub-folders:
* Breakbeat/ ELECTRO
57 breakbeat and ELECTRO construction kits. bpm’s range from 85 to 157 includes: drums, synths, pianos, guitars, fx, basses, vocal fx, percussion, plus numerous hits from the drums and percussive loops.

* Experimental
These hard core loops possess and dominate been processed and distorted nearly beyond recognition.

* Hardcore/Nu Metal
44 construction kits. BPM’s range from 80 to 180 includes: drums, guitars, synths, basses, organs, percussion, pianos, vocal fx, plus numerous hits from the drums and percussive loops.

* Loops & Guitar Chords
This folder Super material included numerous drum loops and chromatic Les Paul Guitar Chords

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