BFA Hi-Voltage

Hi-Voltage MULTiFORMAT | 11 GB

This massive 2 DVD, 11.2 GB collection (6.1 GB of 24-bit WAV SAMPLES files) is a showcase of groups like Breaking Benjamin, Staind, Linkin Park, Theory of a Deadman, Skillet, Black Veil Brides, Nickelback, Seether, Art of Dying, Saliva, Three Days Grace, Creed and Godsmack.

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This library Super material included 15 kits packed full of big, bad, bone crushing drums, furious and untamed electric bass; and more mean and nasty detuned and alternate tuned electric guitars than anyone should be aloud to handle. Unleash the new breed of explosive power, artful hooks and melodic anthems ready to combust and give your tracks the untamed attitude they deserve. Spark your raw creative flames and inject your tracks with the ravenous emotional power and skull splitting sounds of today’s hottest Heavy Alternative, Hard and Modern ROCK music.

Hi-Voltage Kontakt version is part of our KLI Series and includes a custom user interface with various featuring chronicle this to help make it easier to customize the include loops and sounds exactly how you want. You’ll find all loops automatically sync to your host tempo. Each loop is presented in four different ways.

First, with the “Kit Combos” you’ll find each loop as part of a complete construction kit laid out across the keyboard for easy and quick arrangements.

Second, with the “Single Instruments” you’ll find that each instrument is grouped into like instruments to allow you to quickly find all specific instruments in the library.

Third, each loop has it’s own PTCH in the “sliced loops” section with our custom loop editing interface. Rearrange, remix, or completely rework each loop to fit with your music exactly how you want.

Finally we possess and dominate included a demo section for quick auditioning of the entire library.

– 11.2 GB of material (6.1 GB of 24-bit WAV SAMPLES files)

– 4,169 files in WAV SAMPLES, REX and Apple Loops (2109 WAV SAMPLES Loops)

– 15 Massive Construction Kits: Each kit Super material included a demo mix, every element broken out with multiple song style sections and tons of variations. Complete Live Played Multi Drums of each and every kit allows you to tweak to your hearts content. You get the entire recording session, every nuance and every detail right at your fingertips.

– 1009 WAV SAMPLES Loops

– 1009 Apple Loops

– 1051 REX Loops

– 1100 Multi-Track Drum Loops (WAV SAMPLES)

Instruments Include:

* drums (live played, complete multi track for every kit)
* bass (electric)
* electric guitars (de-tuned,
alternate tuned and standard)
* baritone guitars
* synths


Kontakt Version

-Using these Kontakt PTCHes requires the full version of Kontakt version 4.2 or later.

-3.2 GB of content

-1006 different Kontakt PTCHes

-15 Kit Combos, each containing all the loops from it’s own kit laid out across the keyboard for quick arrangements and mixing.

-12 Single Instrument PTCHes, each containing groups of the same type of instrument from across the library. i.e. “all drums”

-Sliced Loops: Each loop has been given it’s own PTCH and can be edited extensively using the “loop fx” interface.

Hi-Voltage by BFA

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