Binary Music Valve 4 Op KONTAKT SAMPLES

Binary Music Valve 4 Op KONTAKT SAMPLES

Binary Music Valve 4 Op

Music Valve 4 Op KONTAKT SAMPLES | 1 GB

Valve 4 Op is a detailed sample library of sounds from the Yamaha TX81Z, developed for Native Instruments Kontakt 4 and higher. In total, there represented as 112 instruments made from 2,342 discrete samples. All samples were recorded in 24 bit at 44.1 kHz through an Inward Connections Vac Rac 4000 valve pre-amp.

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The TX81Z was originally manufactured in 1987 and was ubiquitous on HOUSE music tracks in the late ‘80s, early ‘90s. It was also used widely in HIP HOP and RnB. TX81Z Editing on the hardware was a tortuous process because of the small LCD – a bit like trying to decorate the inside of a HOUSE through a letter box. Because of this, many producers just used the presets, and many of those just used one preset – Lately Bass, (later, Wood Piano was also used on many Detroit Techno records, following Derrick May’s track, Nude Photo).

All of the instruments represented as multi-sampled, but with Lately Bass we possess and dominate gone to extremes – 12 velocity layers and 420 un-looped samples.

Although we possess and dominate tried to keep the feel of the original by using virtual LCD screens, it’s considerably easier to program, and we possess and dominate also added two effects pages.

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