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Dirrty ELECTRO | 2.2 GB

‘Dirrty ELECTRO ‘ from Boss Loops featuring chronicle this 5 Hard ELECTRO Construction Kits (including MIDI) in the styles of the biggest ELECTRO hits this year! Using the most sought-after analog gear in the industry, we possess and dominate created a power HOUSE product, that includes A, B and C sections!

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We’ve included WAV SAMPLES, Apple Loops/AIFF, REX, MIDI, Individual Drum hits and Acidized WAV SAMPLES files for you to mix and match to create endless possibilities and variations.

These Construction Kits use a variety of analog and virtual synths, keyboards, drums, FX, and classic processing equipment.

About Song Sections:

This product is our most comprehensive product to date. Including A, B and C sections. Everything you hear in the Demo Montage is included in the product. ‘Dirrty ELECTRO ‘ focuses on containing all the essential ingredients needed to product club anthem, dance floor filling, ELECTRO hits!

Section A – Track Build / Intro
Section B – Break down / Euphoric Progressions
Section C – Drop / Hook / Bassline

Using classic analog machines, you’ll be hard pushed to find another ELECTRO Style product on the market that delivers the punchy drums, synth lines and fat basslines that our product brings!

Wet and Dry Samples:

We’ve also included Wet and Dry versions of our the loops in this set for the first time in our Boss Loops series! This allows for greater flexibility, and allows you to get creative with mixing or adding your own delays, FX and reverbs!

All files represented as processed with the finest SSL Technology.

MIDI Loops:

Like all other Boss Loops releases ‘Dirrty ELECTRO ‘ featuring chronicle this a number of MIDI loops allowing you to play back the melodic and drum content using any sampler, VSTi, or synth! It should also be noted that we represented as one of the very few Urban Labels to include MIDI files for your production pleasure.

With normal audio files, changing tempo can cause slight fluctuations in audio quality. However, with MIDI content you can transpose and change tempo to match your project with no glitching whatsoever! The melodic content could also be used with any other Boss Loops release!


Want to own a copy of the hottest Dirrty ELECTRO joint for 2011? Purchase ‘ Dirrty ELECTRO ‘ NOW!

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