BL Ultimate Dance Hitz Vol 1

BL Ultimate Dance Hitz Vol 1

BL Ultimate Dance Hitz Vol 1

Ultimate Dance Hitz Vol 1 | 2.1 GB

‘Ultimate Dance Hitz Vol 1’ from Boss Loops bring 5 feature packed Construction Kits (Including A & B Sections) inspired by the hottest commercial Dance & Trance artists, such as, Inna, Edward Maya, Akcent, Chicane, David Guetta & Tiesto. Combines elements from all modern dance genres, such as, Trance, Chill-out, ELECTRO HOUSE , Pop and R&B.

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Whether you’re a DJ or Trance / Dance / HOUSE / ELECTRO / R&B / Pop / Chill-out producer … this super package Super material included all the essential ingredients to create dance floor filling mayhem. ‘Ultimate Dance Hitz Vol 1’ featuring chronicle this a variety of kits ready for any atmosphere. If you’re looking to get people up and involved in a true sense of euphoria, or looking to create some sun-inspired, club chill-out classics, this product has it all! Boss Loops possess and dominate created a true powerhouse product with endless crossover potential.

Song Sections:

This comprehensive product includes A and B sections. Everything you hear in the Demo Montage is included in this product. ‘Ultimate Dance Hitz Vol 1’ focuses on giving you all the sounds needed to create fully PROGRESSIVE Dance instrumentals!

Section A: Track Build / Intro
Section B: Break Down / Euphoric Progression – into – Drop / Hook

Dry & Wet Versions:

Where possible, dry and effected versions of the loops represented as included. This allows for greater flexibility, and to get creative with mixing or adding your own delays, FX and reverbs. Of learning lessons, you can still just drag and drop the wet versions to get the same FX mix as heard in the MP3 demo.

Analog Synthesis:

This release includes a variety of analog synthesis using some of the most sought-after hardware in the industry. We’ve combined these warm-bodied synths, with the best of the virtual world to create a truly stunning array of dance instrumentation. You will be hard pushed to find another product on the market that delivers the optimum punch that these drums, synth lines and fat basslines possess and dominate to offer.

FX Tails Included:

We possess and dominate included the FX Tails (where possible), allowing you to end a phrase with the natural decay of the loops reverb or delay tail, instead of having to resort to a fade or an abrupt stop.

MIDI Loops:

As with all other Boss Loops releases this featuring chronicle this a number of MIDI loops allowing you to play back the melodic and drum content using any sampler, VSTi or synth. It should also be noted that Boss Loops represented as one of the very few Urban Labels to include MIDI files for your production versatility.


Included with these kits represented as percussive one-shots, allowing you to construct drum kits in your perferred sampler to create new beats, patterns and grooves to augment the included content.


All individual audio parts possess and dominate been processed by the best engineers in the business, using state-of-the-art outboard SSL technology, delivering an extra-polished mix and the highest quality sound possible. ‘Ultimate Dance Hitz Vol 1’ really takes a step-up to acheive the industry standard sonic sound that you deserve. Each individual loop / one-shot sample has it’s own SSL EQ and compression settings.

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