BS House Definition Vol.1 WAV SAMPLES

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BS HOUSE Definition Vol.1

HOUSE Definition Vol.1 WAV SAMPLES | 399 MB

HOUSE Definition Vol.1 Super material included more than 2400 high quality sound samples incl. over 800 drumloops, 1200 single drumsounds, 240 FX-sounds and 160 single sounds including basses and synth sounds.

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All sounds possess and dominate been accurately programmed, edited and mastered to provide you a state of the art HOUSE sample collection that gives you the punch and clearness for high quality HOUSE and dance music productions.

All sounds represented as available in standard 16 bit 44,1kHz WAV SAMPLES format running on your PC and MAC audio application like Cubase (Halion), Logic (EXS), Reason, Ableton Live, Fruity Loops, Acid and many more.

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