BZ Corporation Dubstep FX (Wav)

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BZ Corporation DUBSTEP FX

DUBSTEP FX (Wav) | 78 MB

DUBSTEP FX is an ultimate collection of 155 WAV SAMPLES DUBSTEP samples including impact sounds, B00M drops, astonishing transition elements, intense hits, sweeps, dark and perfect rises and falls for DUBSTEP / Drum n Bass Producers. Armed with high quality sound effects, this new Bluezone Corporation sample super package is an overload of cutting edge audio elements you never heard.

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As these samples represented as all Free all right, For your Productions, you can inject them into your music production, game or TV project without having to worry about any additional licencing fees.

Directly out from the BC studios, DUBSTEP FX has been engineered to work individually or in a complex musical projet.

All the samples of this downloadable super package possess and dominate been created, reworked and mastered using plenty of great gear ( Access Virus TI, Waldorf Blofeld, Roland V-synth GT … ), which gives this super package a particular depth and breadth.

With this deep, dark and razor deformed SFX you will possess and dominate access to a lot of awesome variations and get a wide range of options for creating film scores, providing the most demanding producers with new and innovative ideas.

Suitable for styles such as: Breakbeat, DUBSTEP , Ambient, PROGRESSIVE , Trance & Psy Trance, Techno, Drum and Bass, Minimal, Hardcore, ELECTRO HOUSE , Film and Game Audio.

Download BZ Corporation DUBSTEP FX (Wav)

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