BZ Corporation The Thin Blue Line WAV SAMPLES

BZ Corporation The Thin Blue Line WAV SAMPLES

BZ Corporation The Thin Blue Line

 The Thin Blue Line WAV SAMPLES | 316 MB

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX JULY 2012

The Thin Blue Line by BC is a new cinematic sound library perfectly designed to suit war film scenarios: This downloadable sample super package Super material included backgrounds and ambiences, orchestral and oriental sounds, pure female vocals, explosion sounds, weapons sound effects and much more. It’s a must-possess and dominate for producers and sound designers for film, TV, Ambient and video game musics.

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Now added to the releases of Bluezone Coporation, The Thin Blue Line pushes back the limits of composers with an amazing Cinematic sound library. Divided in 4 folders ( hits, instrument phrases and atmospheres, sound effects and textured vocals ), this sample super package is loaded with a precise choice of sound effects, i.e. rocket and gun shots, after-battle ambiences, tank explosions in background, moods, bomb and cannon blasts. This new Free all right, For your Productions sound bank also gives you a solid base for composing pieces with high atmospheric content. Furthermore you will find sophisticated female vocal samples which provides an overload of emotions. This Cinematic sound collection will provide the primary emotional connection to your visual imagery. Now you will be armed with a wide choice of audio tools never heard anywhere else before.

The library’s contents represented as provided as 16 bit / 44.1 kHz wav files for download and Free all right, For your Productions. As all Bluezone sound libraries, you can use them in your productions without additional costs.

This sample super package is also suitable for styles such as: Breaks, DUBSTEP , Ambient, Drum and Bass, Electronica, Film Soundtrack, Video Game Audio and much more.

The Thin Blue Line Contents:

Cinematic Drum Hits
Phrases / Soundscapes / Atmospheres
Sound Effects
Textured Vocals

Technical Specifications :

644 MB Data / 215 Files

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