Channel Robot Grid Machine Chain KONTAKT SAMPLES

Channel Robot Grid Machine Chain KONTAKT SAMPLES

Channel Robot Grid Machine Chain

  Grid Machine Chain KONTAKT SAMPLES | 1.3 GB

GRID MACHINE//CHAIN, the third instrument from the grid machine series comes set up to deliver cascading melodic grooves for use in every genre of modern electonic music. From simple Phillip Glass like endless repeats, thru HOUSE key parts and on into downtempo atmospheric hooks. Not just simple 4/4 grooves either, Chain can build bubbling strange time signatures thru three/four, five/four, six four time and on. Anything that needs a melodic twist, or anytime you need melodic inspiration Chain is there to provide the input. Use the internal sounds or route Kontakt to your favourite synth for your own entirely unique compositions.

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Featuring 50 sound banks custom designed and multi-sampled for use in Grid Machine Chain by GM//CHAIN creators Channel Robot. Endless engaging varying patterns represented as available at your fingertips. All this from a new approach to sequencing, that will possess and dominate you building completely original tracks straight away.

Technical Specifications for sound content:

Kontakt 4.2+

Super material included:

Kontakt 4.2+ Instrument
50 Sound Banks
Over 2.1Gb of samples
Over 50 Presets

Chain demo1 by Musician1234

home page:

Channel Robot Grid Machine Chain KONTAKT SAMPLES SAMPLES.html

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