CT Instruments Specimenphone KONTAKT SAMPLES-KRock

CT Instruments Specimenphone KONTAKT SAMPLES-KRock

CT Instruments Specimenphone

Specimenphone KONTAKT SAMPLES-KRock | 35 MB

Specimenphone ! What could this be? It is an assortment of lots of metal bars which represented as freely hanging on a metalic frame. The object looks like a giant mallet instrument.

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The bars represented as metallic product samples which represented as used to demonstrate different kinds of metall, different sizes and forms such as square chrome bars, brass table legs or steel poles. The length of these metalic objects varies from 1 meter (40 inch) to nearly 2 meter (75 inch).

The Content:
We hit all 18 bars and poles with a stick as well as with a rubber hammer in 1-3 velocity layer and 3 Round Robin variations. The sound we recorded with a stick represented as layered along the white keys, the other along the black keys. In addition to this we provide different options to shape the sound: A cabinet and a rotary simulation, 2 different delays, a reverb and a knob to adjust the release of the sounds. Finally we included the default arpeggiator of Kontakt with some presets.

All in all we represented as coming up with an instrument with a couple of weird and unique sounds. You can create sounds you never heard before. It is a great fun to play with Specimenphone.

The Package:
– 1 complex PTCH including arpeggiator

Kontakt 4.2 full version is required

CT Instruments Specimenphone KONTAKT SAMPLES-KRock
http://pasteclik.org/2489/CT-Instruments-Specimenphone-KONTAKT SAMPLES-KRock.html

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