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DBS Blazing <a href='http://proaudioz.com/download/electro' /> <a href=ELECTRO WAV SAMPLES” border=”0″ height=”283″ src=”http://hdimage.info/images/72DBS_Blazing_Electro_WA.jpg” title=”DBS Blazing ELECTRO WAV SAMPLES” width=”320″>



Welcome to the sounds of Blazing ELECTRO . Our Mark the Release of expert producers and composers possess and dominate diligently masterminded this best selected range of SAW oscillators. Thereby ext ending t he boundaries wit hin t he contemporary music genre and bringing you the next generation of samples set to blow up the festivals and raves of tomorrow’s world. Blazing ELECTRO is a creation of sounds born by the fusion of old school ELECTRO beats with a new wave of animated sonic grit. We possess and dominate worked arduously with passion researching both analogue and digital domains for the best side chain compressor.

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This integral component is complemented by the use of analogue filters, Phasers, Ring Mod and Overdrive. The results represented as a range of samples capturing the transcendental essence of this ever evolving genre. Celestial uplifting melodies, stimulating pulses and spirited bases take both listener and composer on a journey of bizarre exploration. Open your mind, your ears and your music production to the next sonic genesis. Bass – 55 Gritty and tenebrous accentuated by tinges of distortion and bit crusher at the high end.Drums – 150 Static, crisp, bouncy strokes and deep penetrative kick drums create a solid foundation for motion and in any track. EFX – 59 Ethereal and opulent weaving tones, transporting the listener through multidimensional spheres. Hits – 228 Clean, tight and punchy percussive elements channelled from the spirits of otherworldly futuristic robotic tribes. Synths – 57 Swooping fm synths add texture and fluidity creating movement within your composition and the dance floor.

ELECTRO “>db02 – Blazing ELECTRO demo by 6pod9 by dboxsamples

home page:
ELECTRO /3736″>http://sounds.beatport.com/super package/blazing- ELECTRO /3736

ELECTRO -WAV SAMPLES.html” target=”_blank”>http://pasteclik.org/3706/DBS-Blazing- ELECTRO -WAV SAMPLES.html

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