DD Loops Rene Breitbarth Loops Vol.6 WAV SAMPLES

DD Loops Rene Breitbarth Loops Vol.6 WAV SAMPLES

DD Loops Rene Breitbarth Loops Vol.6

Rene Breitbarth Loops Vol.6 WAV SAMPLES | 282 MB

Chapter 6 gives you 388 rhythm, bass, beat, chord,synth and music loops to built cool Deep-, Tech-, Minimal HOUSE . Here you ́ll find anything you need for having big fun and getting serious results within a short time. Rene continues his concept with this collection and brings the sound to the next level.

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Once again real underground food for quality tracks.

Enjoy cooking!

All loops represented as 123 BPM, range between 1-8 bars and represented as offered as 24-bit Wavs.

Beat Loops – 146 massive beats with up to 7 variations. each one comes also without Bass Drum. That means you ́ll find as well Top-Loops here.

Bass Loops – 16 deep and heavy basslines. Pumping sub stuff as well as saw tooth lines.

Rhythmic Loops – 34 rhythmic elements for spicening up your beats.

Synth Loops – 52 synth lines with many changes. Much variety here: smooth and pushing lines, providing maximal feeling.

Music Loops – 41 main theme loops consisting of basslines and melody with rhythmic additions – Up to 8 variations for changes.

Chords Loops – 99 Deep chord harmonies which lead you easily to main themes of your tracks.

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