Delectable Records Abstract Hip Hop (Wav&Rex2)

Delectable Records Abstract <a href='' /> <a href=HIP HOP (Wav&Rex2)” border=”0″ height=”320″ src=”” title=”Delectable Records Abstract HIP HOP (Wav&Rex2)” width=”320″>

Delectable Records Abstract HIP HOP

Abstract HIP HOP (Wav&Rex2) | 945 MB

Featuring unconventional beats, separate drum parts including snare Loops, Top Loops, Kick Loops and deep Percussive elements, readymade rhythms, basslines and vocal cuts. This fine release Super material included all you need to create sharp, fresh HIP HOP /Trip hop productions. All samples possess and dominate been carefully processed to bring to all break beat music producers the perfect sample package.

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Created in HOUSE by our Delectable Sample guru’s taking inspiration from artists like Dj Krush, Madlib, Dalek, Clouddead, Aesop ROCK, Massive Attack, Daniel Nakamura, Dj Shadow, Portishead and Mick Harris’s Scorn Also taking inspiration from the Bristol ‘Trip Hop’ scene Abstract HIP HOP takes not only a non-traditional take on hip-hop, but also includes more conservative elements of the rap community like classic dub-drops and dirty cuts directly sampled from vinyl.

This package is specially designed to fit into your minimalistic HIP HOP and Trip Hop Productions, but is also suitable for all other break beat music genres and down-tempo electronic music, Jungle, Drum’n bass and DUBSTEP , sharing drum-based breakdowns characteristics of HIP HOP music. This super package is definitely a new musical breed for your underground productions transgressing all boundaries.

All sonic material is pre-mastered with high-end studio hardware, with huge attention to details and neutrality, especially focused on analog compression technique, carefully worked up with Manley valve- state stereo outboard

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