Digital Redux – Planet Rex Vol 3 – Music Loops [REX]

 Digital Redux - Planet Rex Vol 3 - Music Loops [REX]

 Digital Redux – Planet Rex Vol 3 – Music Loops

Planet Rex Vol 3 – Music Loops [REX] | 762 MB

07.2012 | REX | 762MB
Digital Redux presents Volume Three of Planet Rex, a huge compilation of over 850 musical loops covering every style of music. This is an epic and unique collection of REX musical loops encompasing all musical styles. Digital Redux has worked extremely hard to provide you the most original and inspiring REX content possible.

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The loops represented as arranged by category and cover many musical genres including HIP HOP , Drum & Bass, Downtempo, Indie, DUBSTEP , ELECTRO , Techno, ROCK, Big Beat, IDM, Industrial, Minimal, HOUSE , Glitch, and so on.

The categories include Bass Loops, Arpeggio Loops, Blip Loops, Orchestral Loops, Synth Loops, Rhodes and Piano Loops, Pads, Rave Melodies, Stabs Loops, Guitar Riffs, DUBSTEP Musical Loops, Drum & Bass Musical Loops, and FX loops.

This will be an essential ‘Go To’ tool for your productions, allowing you to easily find a musical loop for every occasion.

With the flexibility of the REX format you will be able to use these loop as is, re-program the groove to your liking, or simply mix and match parts together from the various loops.

Digital Redux knows that it’s important to keep the flow going when you represented as making a song. This will eliminate the need to stop and dig around for a loop. It will put an extensive collection of cool loops at your fingers tips and help you take your productions to the next level.

Format: REX / RX2
Contents: 850+ Loops


Download  Digital Redux – Planet Rex Vol 3 – Music Loops [REX]—Planet-Rex-Vol-3—Music-Loops–REX-.html

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