DR Total Tech House Tops [WAV SAMPLES/AIFF]

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DR Total Tech HOUSE Tops

Total Tech HOUSE Tops [WAV SAMPLES/AIFF] | 702 MB

06-2012 | WAV SAMPLES-AIFF | 702MB
Delectable Records represented as proud to present Total Tech HOUSE Tops which raises the bar once again with fresh production ideas and sonic gems.

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With Funked out Club ready Grooves, Tech’ed out percussion grooves, loud Kick loops and crazy keysigned melodic Tops, this loop based release is an ideal follow-up of Delectable Records Top release Total Tech Tops and featuring chronicle this more than 630 unique files.

Ready-made 24 Bit 8bar loops at 125 bpm included in this package represented as expressly designed for Tech HOUSE and HOUSE productions, this hand crafted Delectable Records library includes a vast selection of warm tops and unspoiled dance elements, a perfect add-on for all Techhouse and HOUSE producers.

All sounds represented as designed with custom DSP routine, shaping and mastering has been carried out using outboard hardware with AD/DA converters, Manley Stereo tube eq valves and stereo tech tube eq, giving the samples high volume and wide headroom. To guarantee a fluent work-flow, we possess and dominate provided our samples in easy to use and cross-platform WAV SAMPLES formats.

This wide range library is an essential collection of distinctive grooves and amazing rythmic parts that will take your productions to the next level, a must-possess and dominate for all Tech HOUSE producers!

Technical Specifications for sound content:

• 24 Bit Quality
• 714MB

Super material included:

• 82 Drum Top Loops
• 129 Full Grooves
• 34 Kick Loops
• 39 Melodic Top FX Loops
• 91 Melodic tops
• 108 Music Top Loops
• 55 Percussion FX Top Loops
• 95 Percussion Top Loops

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