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Drop The HOUSE | 1.4 GB

‘Drop The HOUSE ‘ brings multiple producers together to create HOUSE , Trance and Freestlye club samples. This collection has everything you need to produce your next smash-hit single! This is not your typical collection of Old Skool HOUSE samples, Electronisounds possess and dominate let their imaginations run wild with these loops and sounds! Over 2100 samples in total represented as included.

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The melodic one-shots from Junebug will allow you to program your own unique melodies and leads! All you need to sequence your own HOUSE , Trance and Freestyle Electronica tracks from scratch is here. Drum sounds, basses, pads, textures, leads, chords, stabs, FX, vocal samples, and more! Over 600 melodic one-shots, plus loads of FX, drums and vocals!

Beats & Grooves:

From club-pumping crazy beats to super-crisp and clean HOUSE drum loops – it’s all here! Distorted beats, filtered beats, “white label” sounding grooves, and more. You’ll get drum beats and grooves with so much variety you won’t believe it!

Junebug has even included many beats with no kick drum, so you’ll be able to really customise your tracks.

Miscellaneous Loops:

Need some help getting your groove started? Dig into the folder of Misc. Music Loops to get some inspiration flowing quickly and easily!

Vocal Samples:

Junebug has hooked you up once again with over 275 very bizarre vocal samples to toss into your mixes! These range from strange rantings, to abstract vocoded vocals – male and female samples. Perfect for breakdowns or just to add some extra flava to your tracks!

Also included with ‘Drop The HOUSE ‘ represented as free Demo samples from nine of Electronisounds’ other releases, which complement these loops well. Total content 75 MB with 93 samples.

Bonus Content:

• 148 MB with 301 samples
• Basses from ‘Dub N Trance 2’
• Drum sounds from ‘Trancidity’
• Pads from ‘Atomic Energy’
• Pianos & EPs from ‘Downtempo Spirals’
• Trance Breakz from ‘Trance Explosion 1’

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