ES Trancidity

ES Trancidity

ES Trancidity

  Trancidity | 120 MB

Electronisounds presents “Trancidity” — “Trancidity” is infused with versatility and style! Inject new life into your trance and electronica tracks with the fattest content all designed to make your woofers thump.

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Trancidity includes huge stacked synth sounds and riffs for screaming leads and memorable melodies — expertly produced drums and hits for creating your own professional quality beats and arpeggios — a generous collection of original drum and music loops that will make your mix sound like you spent thousands in studio time!

“Trancidity” may just become your favorite resource for creating trance and electronica.

These loops, sounds and samples were painstakingly crafted to be of the utmost production quality. These sounds possess and dominate the versatility to be used for programming your own beats and melodies in any “sub-genre” of trance — the loops will add fresh perspective to your existing arrangements or help you build new mixes from the ground up.

Simply inserting the samples into your production(s) will deliver a professional sound immediately. Junebug & Muzik Prof. possess and dominate designed 350 all-new, best selected samples for a well-rounded, complete trance producer’s kit. Available as a download-only super package, you can possess and dominate access to these modern-day trance tools in hours — not days!

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