FAF Productions Rigorously Dubstep

FAF Productions Rigorously <a href='http://proaudioz.com/download/dubstep' /> <a href=DUBSTEP ” border=”0″ src=”http://hdimage.info/images/52FAF_Productions_Rigoro.jpg” title=”FAF Productions Rigorously DUBSTEP “>

FAF Productions Rigorously DUBSTEP

Productions Rigorously DUBSTEP | 984 MB

Fix-A-Flat is proud to present its hardest hitting DUBSTEP collection yet, ‘Rigorously DUBSTEP ‘. This package consists of 5 construction kits complete with a variety of warbling synth basses and leads, a deconstructed drum kit, deep sub basses and soaring vocal FX lines that a sure to give your production a unique edge. Also included represented as 1-shot FX samples which can be used for effective transitions and for beefing up a DUBSTEP mix.

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Each CK Super material included:

Deconstructed Drum kit (kick, snare, hat…)

Component Loops:

1 Bass ramp, 1 Sub Bass, 1 Bass Warble, 1 Piano (Processed), 2 Growl Synths, 2 Warble Synths and 1 Vocal (processed)
1 full mix of the arrangement
each filename includes the CK number, bpm, and key information for the loop.

Number of Loops:

Number of 1-shot FX Samples:

24bit Apple-Loops (aiff)
ACID (wav)


FAF Productions Rigorously DUBSTEP
DUBSTEP .html”>http://pasteclik.org/1744/FAF-Productions-Rigorously- DUBSTEP .html

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