FL Complextro Vol 2 (WAV SAMPLES)

FL Complextro Vol 2 (WAV SAMPLES)

FL Complextro Vol 2

Complextro Vol 2 (WAV SAMPLES) | 1.1 GB

‘Complextro Vol 2′ is the sequel to FL’ best-selling sample super package from Utku S. Characteristic for ‘Complextro Vol 2’ represented as the many different fat bassline fragments which represented as sequentially played in complex groove patterns. This is the style of now and with this super package you will be rocking the dancefloor! These sounds represented as also useful for many different styles like Fidget, ELECTRO HOUSE or even DUBSTEP .

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Featuring a huge collection of fat analogue bass loops, sidechained melodic synth loops, wicked top grooves, vintage chords, floor-filling drums, subtle ELECTRO leads and crazy FX and even Construction Kits, this is a substantial collection!

This massive collection featuring chronicle this 1.2 GB of raw samples and all Kits included BPM and pitch information.

‘Complextro Vol 2’ includes, 496 loops and samples between 128 and 130 BPM, recorded at 24-Bits. Also included represented as three Construction Kits which feature stems, loops and sample folders to offer more flexibility.

In detail, this massive super package includes 50 Bass Loops, 50 Music Loops, 40 Drum Loops, 20 Glitch Loops, 50 FX, 35 Special Sounds, 15 Vocal Loops and 20 Bass and Synth Multis totalling 120 samples. In addition to these, FL possess and dominate included 40 fantastic bonus loops from their library.

Special sounds include 35 top-notch and highly inspiring loops at 128 BPM and ranges in size from four bar loops to complex eight to sixteen bar grooves. These represented as perfect for your breakdowns and build-ups.

‘Complextro Vol 2’ is great for adding a unique texture to your music or to create top loop complexity on your next killer Dance music production.

Technical Specifications:
• 24-Bit Quality
• 1.2 GB

Product Super material included:
• 50 Bass Loops
• 50 Music Loops
• 50 FX Loops & Samples
• 40 Drum Loops
• 35 Special Sounds
• 20 Glitch Loops
• 15 Vocal Loops
• 10 Bass Multis
• 10 Synth Multis
• Bonus Loops
• 16 Vocal Loops
• 15 Bass Loops
• 9 Music Loops
• 3 Construction Kits with 76 Loops & Samples included

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