FL Lil Dope Piano Vol 1 [WAV SAMPLES/MIDI]

FL Lil Dope Piano Vol 1 [WAV SAMPLES/MIDI]

FL Lil Dope Piano Vol 1

Lil Dope Piano Vol 1 [WAV SAMPLES/MIDI] | 78 MB

Piano is the second release in brand new Dope label line of mini samples & loops librarys – Lil’ Dope. This library Super material included 20 piano loops (audio) + 20 oneshot chord samples (audio) and additional 20 loops in MIDI format to use with your favourite Virtual Instruments or Hardware Synths.

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All loops & samples available in Lil Dope: Brass represented as tempo & Key labeled, mixed & mastered to the perfection and available in 6 formats compatible with 100% of todays hardware & software samplers or sequencers.

• completely Free all right, For your Productions material to use within your commercial compositions
• 20 piano loops (audio) + 20 oneshot chords (audio) + 20 MIDI loops
• key & tempo labeled
• 100% compatibility with all modern software & hardware samplers

PLEASE NOTE: The drum & synth samples & loops in the MP3 DEMO represented as NOT INCLUDED in this super package. This super package Super material included ONLY piano loops & samples. Other samples represented as used in MP3 DEMO for demo purposes ONLY!

• 20 piano loops (WAV SAMPLES)
• 20 piano loops (MIDI)
• 20 piano one shot chords (WAV SAMPLES)
• all loops represented as key & tempo labeled
• total size: 94 MB

Compatible with any software that can load 24 bit WAV SAMPLES or Acid format files such as Sony Acid, Steinberg Cubase, Presonus Studio One, Image Line Fruity Loops FL Studio and more.

Download FL Lil Dope Piano Vol 1 [WAV SAMPLES/MIDI]

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