FL The Voice Of Karin Second Edition WAV SAMPLES

FL The Voice Of Karin Second Edition WAV SAMPLES

FL The Voice Of Karin Second Edition

The Voice Of Karin Second Edition WAV SAMPLES | 266 MB

The Voice of Karin’ is the latest awesome release from the FL Mark the Release. They possess and dominate grouped together to record the beautiful voice of this promising vocalist and make it ready-to-use in your next production. The super package comes with a huge amount of bonus material that makes your workflow easier than ever. This is simply an unmissable super package.

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Included represented as all the MIDI files (bass, leads, pads and plucks), so you can quickly connect the vocal samples with the notes to make your own harmony.

Each vocal sample comes in wet and dry versions for maximum flexibility. Chorus effected versions represented as included. Function Loops gives you the maximum options you can imagine to make your production process comfortable.

For each song there is an extra folder of glitched FX loops and one-shots, to make it even more interesting (perfect for Tech- HOUSE , ELECTRO HOUSE and Techno styles).

This mega-super package is suitable mainly for Electronic Music styles like Dance, PROGRESSIVE , HOUSE , Tech- HOUSE , Deep HOUSE , Techno, ELECTRO HOUSE , DUBSTEP , Drum & Bass, Chill-Out and more, but also can fit acoustic productions.

All loops represented as recorded at 128 BPM and still sound good when stretched. In detail, the super package Super material included 92 original vocal loops (wet/dry versions), 41 glitched vocal loops, 70 vocal one-shots, 27 MIDI files and 35 extra musical loops (bass, leads, pads, etc.).

Technical Specifications:

• 400 MB of content
• 265 individual loops and samples
• 48kHz / 24-Bit audio quality

The Voice Of Karin – DEMO1 by FL

The Voice Of Karin – DEMO2 by FL

home page:

FL The Voice Of Karin Second Edition WAV SAMPLES
http://pasteclik.org/1669/FL-The-Voice-Of-Karin-Second-Edition-WAV SAMPLES.html

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