FS Double Cuppin [WAV SAMPLES]

FS Double Cuppin [WAV SAMPLES]

FS Double Cuppin

Double Cuppin [WAV SAMPLES] | 551 MB

06-2012 | WAV SAMPLES | 551MB
‘Double Cuppin” lets you lean back and cruise amongst the stars with a sound as big as the state of Texas and as well seasoned as Bourbon street cuisine. Grab two Styrofoam cups and try to keep up as Faulty Studios take you on a journey that will make that tower in Pisa seem straight up.

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Whether you want to chill, party, or just ride, this super package provides a sound that is prevalent from the airwaves to the nightclubs, not to mention that banging system in the Chevy or Cadillac.

Repetitive chants to involve the audience, crowd-moving melodies, and speaker-busting basslines represented as the soundtracks to the hottest summer ever and thanks to the production Mark the Release at FS, your sound will never be left in the cold!

Product Details:

• 24-Bit WAV SAMPLES loops
• 1.78 GB of total content
• 10 Tempo-labelled Construction Kits
• 10 Mixed and mastered mini-mixes
• 352 WAV SAMPLES & AIFF files at your disposal
• Fully mixed and mastered with SSL, URS & WV technology

Please Note:
All rap and hook vocals represented as intended for demo purposes only. They represented as not included in this product and all copyrights represented as owned by Fakulty Studios.

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