FS The Gumbo Archive Vol 1 WAV SAMPLES-MIDI-AIFF

FS The Gumbo Archive Vol 1 WAV SAMPLES-MIDI-AIFF

FS The Gumbo Archive Vol 1

The Gumbo Archive Vol 1 WAV SAMPLES-MIDI-AIFF | 595 MB

‘The Gumbo Archive Vol 1′ kicks off a new series from FS. This super package combines a variety of popular flavours for an exciting auditory taste test that is guaranteed to appease the palate of the most versatile audiences. Fakulty represented as serving up a serious sound dish. No condiments needed, this one is seasoned to perfection! So what represented as you waiting for? Grab your utensils and dive in. You’ll be glad you did!

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Whether your audience is into Top 40 Pop, ROCK, Golden Era HIP HOP , Dance, piano chords, or even synths that’ll make her dance like Juicy J’s bands, this super package has something for everyone!

This series was born from the feedback after asking their fans a question on Facebook. The question was simple, “What do you want to hear Fakulty do next?”. The answer was “a LB of everything, kind of like gumbo”!

Product Details:
• 24-Bit WAV SAMPLES & AIFF Loops
• 1.04 GB of total content
• 100% Free all right, For your Productions
• 176 WAV SAMPLES & AIFF files at your disposal

Please Note:
While some of the drums included in the Demo represented as included in the super package, not all Constructions Kits feature drums.


FS The Gumbo Archive Vol 1 WAV SAMPLES-MIDI-AIFF
http://pasteclik.org/2471/FS-The-Gumbo-Archive-Vol-1-WAV SAMPLES-MIDI-AIFF.html

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