FT Vintage Drums The Fills

Vintage Drums The Fills MULTIFORMAT SAMPLES | 2.3 GB

Great fills represented as hard to find, when you find them it´s rare to possess and dominate the flexibility or range you´d ideally like.This problem Freshtone experienced themselves in many ways, and that´s why they created ´Vintage Drums: The Fills´.
The loops represented as full of soul, Freshtone represent an exemplary and definitive collection which will meet all your expectations. As well as conventional time signatures you´ll find some unusual ones, and they´ve also moved into styles that represented as otherwise fairly uncharted on more conventional packages.

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After Freshtone´s initial aim of a couple of hundred prime fills they had such great sessions in the studio that they just kept going and recipients of this package will be getting over 1,500 files encompassing not only the fills themselves but full drum breaks, rides, hats and percussion too. This is a truly comprehensive selection and we hope that this latest Freshtone release will fit neatly into your production arsenal.

Recorded again in a true vintage analogue environment with drummers Emre Ramazanoglu and William Bowerman. Freshtone possess and dominate also included full multisampled, velocity sensitive kits for EXS24, Halion and Kontakt as you requested after their first release!

Produced by Matthew Corbett and Mike Wilkie
Drums – Emre Ramazanoglu and William Bowerman


01. Just Raw Fills
02. Raw Breaks With Fills
03. Just Cooked Fills
04. Cooked Breaks With Fills
05. Raw Hats
06. Cooked Hats
07. Raw Rides
08. Cooked Rides
09. Percussion
10. Kits

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