Gackpoid Extend for Vocaloid3AEFE

 Gackpoid Extend for Vocaloid3AEFE

 Gackpoid Extend for Vocaloid3AEFE

for Vocaloid3AEFE | 971 MB

Kamui Gakupo (note: on the Karen-T website his name is always written as “Camui Gackpo”) is the official mascot character of Gackpoid which is a singing synthesizer application software powered by Yamaha’s Vocaloid and was published by INTERNET Co.,Ltd. His voicbank was updated for V3-engine with adding extended voices, Native – normal voice, Power and Whisper – extended voices. V3 Gackpoid was going to be released on July 13, 2012.

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Internet Co Gackpoid Extend for Vocaloid3AEFE

AlexVox July 2012

Separated installers for each “Extend”

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