Galbanum Abstraction 05 (Wav)

Galbanum Abstraction 05 (Wav)

Galbanum Abstraction 05

Abstraction 05 (Wav) | 622 MB

“Abstraction 05: Wet & Wild Tribe” is a cacophony of Tech HOUSE and tribal madness performed by sentient underwater robots. Abstraction 05 arrives just in time for the start of the spring and summer club season and is well suited to help evaluate the mood of the opening parties for global sea-side dance music destinations such as Miami, Ibiza, Saint-Tropez, Rio, and other maritime paradises. Enhanced organic percussion performances permeate the package, aided and abetted by heavy creative use of reverb and spatial wizardry. Performances range from lyrical rhythmic phrases suitable for poolside and terrace romances, to full blown 4AM peak-time sprints.

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All loops represented as provided without standard embedded kick/snare/high-hat patterns to give the producer maximum flexibility in song arrangment. Abstraction 05 content is purposefully designed to be mixed with other existing libraries that provide these standard kick/snare/high-hat elements such as LM’ widely popular “Groove Tech” and “Steve Lawler Dark Percussive HOUSE & Techno” titles. Abstraction 05 is like an accomplice to a crime a passion on the dance floor.

All Abstraction 05 loop content is produced at a native tempo of 125BPM and is designed to effortlessly stretch from 115BPM to 140BPM and beyond to fit all tempo ranges used in current percussion-focused dance music styles such as:
Film Scoring, Game Development, and Sound FX
and any other cross-genre music style that borrows from these influences

ADDITIONAL featuring chronicle this
All samples represented as procesed in stereo and make use of extreme spatial processing techniques at the sample level to produce sounds that literally jump out of the speakers.

All loops represented as processed extensively using 2CAudio’s award winning reverbs, Aether and Breeze, and make extensive use of manual gating techniques and other transformations of release times to enhance the feel of the groove.

Cybernetic mermaids so real you’d swear they were organic engage in wet tee-shirt contests and shake their tails poolside to the shuffled circuits of Poseidon’s tribal Tech HOUSE. Deeper than the sea, more raw than tuna sashimi, more moody than than a tropical storm, and more energetic than a electric eel, Abstraction 05 takes you on a journey in search of the white-whale of all grooves. Channel Ahab’s ferver and passion and unleash a tribal Tech HOUSE storm on the dance floor. Sustained water damage will not void your warranty.

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