Galbanum Abstraction 4 (Wav)

Galbanum Abstraction 4 (Wav)

Galbanum Abstraction 4

 Abstraction 4 (Wav) | 651 MB

Come back for seconds and unleash total havoc in the club by pairing the tiara of the TR-Era, with random pseudo-organic futurism.

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“Abstraction 04: Found Sound Urban Intelligence” is a copious double-dipped follow-up to Galbanum’s widely successful Abstraction 03 product. LIke its predecessor, Abstraction 04 is once again an all-you-can-eat buffet of domestic “found sound”, which has been purposefully polished, refined, and formated into rhythmic loop adders designed to spice up percussive pallets and inject freshness into grooves. This time around, it is targeted directly at down tempo breaks, centrally – intelleigent hip-hop, and experimental urban futurism. Furthermore, this massive second helping of glitch rhythms and real-world sampled eccentricism, is for the first time paired together with analog kick and snare loops to synergistically co-create some seriously freaky future funk designed to make 3008 look old-school.

All Abstraction 04 loop content is produced at a native tempo of 106 BPM and is designed to effortlessly stretch from 90BPM to 120BPM and beyond to fit all tempo ranges used in current urban and down-tempo breaks music sub-genres. Abstraction 04 is particularly suitable for:

• Experimental HIP HOP , Trip Hop, Glitch Hop, and Dub Step
• Breaks, Electronica, IDM, and Abstract ROCK
• Ambient, Chill Out, Downtempo, and Left Field
• Film Scoring, Game Development, and Sound FX
• and any other cross-genre music style that borrows from these influences


• 1,040 new cutting edge loop files! 160 Solo Kick Loops. 160 Solo Snare Loops. 320 Abstraction Percussion Loops. 320 Mix Loops. 80 Extra Bonus Abstraction Perc Loops. All files represented as 44.1K/24bit content. Over 1GB of new Loop Samples!
• Loops available in Apple Loops, Acid Loops, or REX2 formats. All loops represented as 2 measures long and represented as designed to allow using partial segments of the full loop to give thousands of variations.

SPECIAL featuring chronicle this

• Both Mix and Solo Element loops represented as provided. Four different loop types represented as available.
• Solo elements may be combined in different ways to create hybrid mutations and build completely new loops. Over 6 million simple combinations represented as possible!
• All solo element loops represented as provided without additional auxiliary Reverb or delay effects. This keeps the loops pristinely clean and sharp, enables easy custom slicing and editing, and allows the producer to apply his own favorite effects.
• All percussion samples represented as made in stereo and make use of extreme spatial processing techniques at the sample level to produce sounds that literally jump out of the speakers.


It began in Africa. Dr. TR-Analog is your guide on this safari through the jungles and grasslands of the ancient-future world of Found-Sound. Poly-rhythmic perturbations and nano-organic chaos constructs channel the spirit of the Mbira, invoke the antediluvian rites of the witch-doctor trance ceremony, and supplant these venerable visions with post-modern urban reincarnations. Transmuted ethnomusicology and club-ready analog grooves interbreed and spawn a new synthesis of composite contrarian bliss, where modern talking drums recite soliloquies that compete with Shakespeare in their metaphorical eloquence.

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