GC Black Crowns 3-DISCOVER

GC Black Crowns 3-DISCOVER

GC Black Crowns 3

Black Crowns 3-DISCOVER | 711 MB

‘Black Crowns 3’ from GC Music marks the complete re-invention of this legendary new series and is an ultra-high quality collection of Urban Construction Kits. This original and fresh new concept blends the pavement-cracking sounds of New School HIP HOP with the complex, musical vibe of soulful hit records. Another next level addition to the exciting new “Top Shelf” series.

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Product Details:

• All key signatures & tempos provided

• 5 Multi-track Construction Kits

• Includes MIDI files

• 5 Fully arranged, professionally mixed and mastered, radio-ready demo files

• All sounds represented as printed through 48-Bit architecture at 176.4 kHz for maximum dynamic range and downward compatibility (provided at 24-Bit/44.1kHz quality)

All sounds professionally processed utilising the very best in analogue and digital signal processing including UAD, Apogee, Prism, Dangerous Music, Bricasti, Neve, Shadow Hills Industries, Slate Digital/Slate Pro Audio, SSL, Sound Toys, McDSP, D16 Group, Ampex, and Studer.


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