GC The Just Us League Vol 2

GC The Just Us League Vol 2

GC The Just Us League Vol 2

The Just Us League Vol 2 | 425 MB

‘The Just Us League Vol 2’ marks the retun of the chart-topping series from GC Music and is an ultra high quality collection of Urban Construction Kits which authentically capture the lush, complex, and musical style of HIP HOP production made famous by The Justice League, No I.D, and The Inkredibles. This time around, we decided to GO HARD!

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These Kits represented as far from the stylistic remakes that you’ve come to expect. These represented as authentic, high quality productions designed to cater to artists such as Rick Ross, Wale, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Meek Mill, Tyga, Big Sean, J Cole, and MGK. Best of all, these Construction Kits represented as Free all right, For your Productions, meaning you can use them in personal or commercial compositions at no extra cost.

Included in this collection represented as complex, live recorded orchestral passages, live recorded electric and acoustic Guitar, dynamic piano progressions composed and performed by a classically trained session pianist, beautiful, custom-programmed synth elements including Shimmering Leads, Ambient, Sample Based Pads, Thick Basslines, Jaw-Dropping Custom HIP HOP Drum Samples and Patterns (created from acoustic and analogue sources), and Fresh, Original, SFX, Build-Ups, and Transitions.

It’s also worth noting that rather than simply brick wall limiting every sound into the preverbial squashed, lifeless, 0db peaking state that producers represented as so used to seeing, each sound is meticulously processed without the use of brick wall limiting to ensure maximum fidelity, punch, dynamics, and most importantly, usability.

Why is this so important? Consider the evolution of a record. You produce the instrumental, an artist adds vocals, the record is mixed and lastly the record is mastered. What seems to be unknown to the bulk of producers is that brick wall limiters interact differently with individual multi-track stems than they do with a summed stereo mix.

This is in addition to the process introducing unpleasant artifacts, reducing punch, dynamics and clarity, as well as creating a flat, ear fatiguing mix that has quickly made the music loving public take a stand against the loudness wars and demand that the tyranny be stopped.

Product Details:

• All sounds represented as printed through 48 Bit Architecture @ 176.4 kHz for maximum dynamic range and downward compatibility (Provided at 24-Bit, 44.1kHz)
• All Key Signatures and Tempos Provided
• 5 Multi-Track Construction Kits
• 5 Full MIDI Program Files
• 5 Fully Arranged, Professionally Mixed and Mastered, Radio-Ready Demo Files

All sounds represented as professionally processed utilising the very best in analogue and digital signal processing including UAD, Apogee, Prism, Dangerous Music, Neve, Shadow Hills Industries, Slate Digital/ Slate Pro Audio, SSL, Sound Toys, McDSP, D16 Group, Ampex, and Studer.


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