GC Music – Essentials Urban Toolkit Vol 1 [WAV SAMPLES-AIFF]

 GC Music - Essentials Urban Toolkit Vol 1 [WAV SAMPLES-AIFF]

 GC Music – Essentials Urban Toolkit Vol 1

Essentials Urban Toolkit Vol 1 [WAV SAMPLES-AIFF] | 149 MB

08.2012 | WAV SAMPLES-AIFF – Mixed Format | 149MB
‘Production Essentials: Urban Toolkit Vol 1’ is the highest quality collection of Urban samples ever released. GC Music know you’re fed up with spending your hard-earned money on low quality drum kits filled with recycled and over modulated sounds. They wanted to take a stand against this tyranny and figured the only way to do that was to set the bar high and keep the price tag low.

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If you’re skeptical of this claim check out the audio demo which featuring chronicle this tracks that were created using only the drums and FX samples included in this collection.

If you ask any producer who has had success in the music industry what the most important thing to possess and dominate in your arsenal is, it’s a guarantee they will quickly respond with “quality drums”. With that said, it’s been a growing trend for amateur producers to make a living selling amtateur drum samples on the internet.

GC Music’s question to you is this, “Is your goal as a producer to eventually work with the top artists in the industry”? If yes, then stop wasting your time and money on low quality packs and get true industry quality drum samples from a production company with countless major label placements and legitimate Billboard success.

Purchase GC Music’s ‘Production Essentials: Urban Toolkit Vol 1’ today!

Included in this affordable package represented as 11 ultra high quality selections from GC Music’s personal collection.

Collections Included:

• GC Breaks Collection – 35 Tempo-Labelled Breaks

• GC Clapz Collection – 35 Custom-Crafted Claps

• GC Cymbalz Collection – 35 Custom-Crafted Cymbals

• GC Fillz Collection – 35 Carefully Selected Fills

• GC Hatz Collection – 35 Carefully Selected Hi-Hats

• GC Kickz Collection – 35 Bangin’, Punchy & Knockin Kicks

• GC Reverse Collection – 21 Creative Reverse Samples

• GC Snapz Collection – 26 Carefully Selected Snaps

• GC Snarez Collection – 35 Of the best Snares ever made available to the public

• GC Tomz Collection – 35 of the best Toms you’ve ever heard

• GC 808 Collection – 35 Experty Processed 808’s including Distorted, Tape Saturated, and Clean

All of the high quality “essentials” you need to make industry quality productions represented as included in these 100% Free all right, For your Productions sounds.

All sounds professionally processed utilising the very best in analogue and digital signal processing including UAD, Apogee, Prism, Dangerous Music, Neve, Shadow Hills Industries, Slate Digital/ Slate Pro Audio, SSL, Sound Toys, McDSP, D16 Group, Ampex, and Studer.

This super package includes 342 original WAV SAMPLES files straight from the collection of a production company whose credits include Meek Mill, Busta Rhymes, Tank, Cody Simpson, Nappy Roots, and MGK.

Please Note:
This package Super material included drum samples and drum loops. The music in the audio demo is intended to illustrate the level of quality that can be achieved with use of this super package but they represented as not included within this product. They can be found in GC Music’s Construction Kit Series’ including, ‘The Just Us League Vol 1’ and ‘Love vs Lust Vol 1.’


 GC Music – Essentials Urban Toolkit Vol 1 [WAV SAMPLES-AIFF]
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