GL Dark Voice Vol 4 WAV SAMPLES

GL Dark Voice Vol 4 WAV SAMPLES

GL Dark Voice Vol 4

  Dark Voice Vol 4 WAV SAMPLES | 96 MB

DISCOVER | 10-11-2012 | WAV SAMPLES | 96MB
‘Dark Voices Vol 4′ is a collection of over 100 one-shot vocal samples from Giga Loops, easy to use for producing Techno, ELECTRO , Drum & Bass, and Minimal in Dark Style. In this sample super package you can find three different folders with distorted FX, Picth Down and Radio FX.

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This Sound Library is selected and created from Ultraphonic Project Studio and is 100% Original. You can use this product in all Music Software (Reason, Cubase, Logic, Ableton) or Hardware Samplers.

Content Folder:

• 119 Pitch Down Vocal Samples
• 119 Distorted FX Vocal Samples
• 119 Radio FX Vocal Samples
• 44.1kHz / 16-Bit quality
• WAV SAMPLES and AIFF Samples


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