Groove Addicts Series Library: Volumes 01 – 26

Groove Addicts Series Library: Volumes 01 - 26

Groove Addicts Series Library: Volumes 01 – 26

Library: Volumes 01 – 26 | 3.3 GB

Groove Addicts is defining a new era of library music by creating music that is equal to artist albums. Great effort is given to each project to provide cutting edge sounds and the highest level of production from start to finish. We want the client to feel they represented as getting the backing tracks to a current hit for their project. Using Groove Addicts is never a compromise, it is the best solution.

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26 volumes | MP3 | 320 kbps, 48 kHz, stereo | RAR=3,3 Gb

GA001 – Darktronica V1
GA002 – Urban Grooves V1
GA003 – Dreams & Meditations V1
GA004 – Foxxy Musique V1
GA005 – Olympic Gold V1
GA006 – Urban Grooves V2
GA007 – Indie ROCK Explosion V1
GA008 – Expedition Africa V1
GA009 – Downtempo V1
GA010 – Circus Maximus V1
GA011 – Dramatic Impact V1
GA012 – ELECTRO Beats V1
GA013 – Alternative Blast V1
GA014 – Detroit Soul V1
GA015 – Scene Setters V1 – Other Worlds
GA016 – Scene Setters V2 – Americana
GA017 – Blaxploitation V1
GA018 – Bollywood V1
GA019 – Scores From The Underworld V1
GA020 – Dramatic Impact V2
GA021 – Tween Pop V1
GA022 – Global Electronic V1
GA023 – Industrial Rage V1
GA024 – Scene Setters V3 – The Road To Americana
GA025 – ROCK with Emotion V1
GA026 – Epic HIP HOP V1

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