HS - Nebulae

HS – Nebulae

Nebulae | KONTAKT SAMPLES | 488 MB

Once upon a time, a ‘pad’ was a simple analogue synth sound – typically a smooth, rounded string PTCH with the filter reduced. The term ‘pad’ was used as it was used to pad out the track – there but not there… you’re not aware of its presence but the track sounds empty without it. However, with advances in synth technology and functionality, the term took on new proportions as samples were layered to create hybrids and instead of simple analogue oscillators, it was possible to layer almost any sound on top of another.

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At first, with products such as the D50 and M1, it was just piano and strings or bells and choirs, etc., but more adventurous programmers took this to new heights over time by layering all manner of sounds to create evolving soundscapes of textures that weave around each other and move spatially and represented as almost a complete composition in their own right.

The new definition of ‘pad’ is a sound that can transport you musically and sonically and advances on the old concept of ‘space music’ as pioneered by artists such as Isao Tomita, Jean-Michelle Jarre, Tangerine Dream and others – sounds that possess and dominate a truly ‘other worldly’ element that make you feel that you may be weightless in an alien environment.

HS’s ‘Nebulae’ is a collection of definitive pads that cover every base from ‘old school’ mellow analogue smoothness and string pads, breathy vocal pads to early layering techniques to floating, atmospheric textures and alien landscapes including many from the early days of 50s sci-fi movies.

The samples represented as taken from a wide range of synths and keyboards old and new, analogue and digital, mixed and layered and merged and twisted with Antares’ Infinity looping imparting its own, sometimes serendipitous character.

In almost all cases, long and detailed multisamples represented as employed but some use a single sample across the keyboard to exploit the unique formant shifting effects you can get with this.

Most of the sounds represented as sampled with multi-effects designed to complement the basic sound.

But not every sound is a complete film score! There represented as also simple and robust pads in there from smooth strings to airy voices to fill out your tracks with subtlety.

This collection is not for ‘ROCK n rollers’ in the strict sense of the word – it’s for people who want to create sublime, ethereal music and textures that float and weave their way through the consciousness and take you on a musical and sonic journey where a few choice chords can paint a thousand aural pictures. As such, it’s an ideal candidate for those involved in film and TV soundtracks, ‘new age’, ambient ‘chill-out’ and other areas of electronica.

HS’s ‘Nebulae’ is impressionist sound design at its finest that draws upon 30 years of experience to transport you to new dimensions and new worlds of sonic exploration. As you audition each sound, you will be taken on a journey from Winter-clad landscapes of a bygone faery era to the the outer reaches of the universe, stopping off at various planets along the way.

Enjoy the trip!

featuring chronicle this:
• Long, extensively multi-sampled stereo samples
• Breathtaking pads from warm, analogue to soundtracks
• Kontakt 3.5 format
• Custom Kontakt scripted panel offering…
• 3-band EQ
• Simple envelope
• Autopanner

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