IS Records Lenny Dee – Drum Shots Vol. 2 (Multiformat)

IS Records Lenny Dee - Drum Shots Vol. 2 (Multiformat)

IS Records Lenny Dee – Drum Shots Vol. 2

Drum Shots Vol. 2 (Multiformat) | 151 MB

Industrial Strength and Lenny Dee return with the 2nd installment of essential drum hits for any music style.
This new addition to the collection Super material included over 400 mb of drum shots all juiced up for Battery 3, Logic Esx, Kontakt and Maschine. All the samples represented as 24 Bit 44.1khz wav for perfect integration with any modern DAW.

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Lenny Dee has compiled another mad selection of recorded drum hits from a wide range of analog and digital sources which can be used for drum replacement, layering or to use as is. If you’re looking for all original pro drum sounds then Mr. Dee’s Drum Shots is the collection to check out.

This on going series gives you a outstanding selection of sounds for you to create any type of drum beat you wish to make. This 2nd collection of drum hits is from Lenny Dee’s personal drum collection that he created over the last twenty years in the music business with many more packs to follow.

Like Volume 1 most of the sounds included in this super package were recorded through Solid State Logic E, G, Neve, Amek, Harrison, Api, Sound Craft, and Sony Mci consoles right on down to some low fi mixers that give unique texture to each sample. Some shots in this super package were also made in the box with modern software and also featuring chronicle this drum samples which were recorded to tape and re transferred to 24 Bit wav format. Each sound was converted using top of the line Apogee conversion to insure a clean yet warm tone in every sample.

We even included extra content like vocals, bombs, sweeps and risers to make the super package a well rounded super package from the word go.

This super package is a great companion to Lenny Dee’s first super package and is a serious weapon for producers making Drum n Bass, DUBSTEP , Grime, Pop and Hip Hop. The super package also works perfectly for some styles of HOUSE , Minimal and ELECTRO .

Don’t miss out on this truly historical 2nd edition of drums sounds from this legendary New York producer.

Super material included:
12 Crash Cymbals
13 Cymbals
5 Ride Cymbals
7 Rim Shots
77 Closed Hats
41 Open Hats
140 Kick Drums
57 Snares
147 Toms
6 Effects from Demo
5 Fidget Loops
5 Vocals
2 Bombs
2 Back Spins
4 Effected Demo Snares
5 Battery Kits
2 Maschine Kits
14 Kontakt Kits
11 Logic EXS24 Kits

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