IS Records StrangeFlow Insane Glitch Hop MULTiFORMAT

IS Records StrangeFlow Insane Glitch Hop MULTiFORMAT

IS Records StrangeFlow Insane Glitch Hop

StrangeFlow Insane Glitch Hop MULTiFORMAT | 376 MB

BHK Samples and ISR represented as back yet again with another essential sound super package for your production needs.
If you’re into glitch hop, these represented as the samples you’ve been waiting for! This Insane Glitch Hop Samples super package includes 340 samples. The super package was expertly mangled and twisted beyond recognition by StrangeFlow.

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He is a fantastic electronic musician who has been bombing the scene with intense glitch hop breaks for years! This sample super package totally reflects his production style and is sure to give your productions that extra boost of power you’re looking for.

Everything you need to make Glitch Hop beats is in this package, from full-on breaks (all @ 135 bpm) to individual one shots including: kicks, snares, hats, risers, basses, and creepy textures. Insane Glitch Hop also includes a 100 free form / screwed up glitch samples to get your mixes sounding crazier than a chimp on LSD!

The super package is jammed with a bunch of extra goodies on top of all this wicked content Insane Glitch Hop includes Battery 3, Kontakt 5 and NNXT, Kong as well as Ableton Live sampler PTCHes and drum kits.

These surgically altered sounds will infuse your productions with the insane hardcore, stutter, noise, crunchy, crunk’d up and glitch’d out soul you’ve been craving!

From distorted fast breaks and heavy basses to destroyed sitar loops, Strangeflow’s latest super package has everything you need to kick out the heavy jams and make your fans scream “What the hell is this?!”

Technical Specifications for sound content:

24 Bit Quality

Super material included:

80 Breaks
30 Basslines
20 Bass One Shots
30 Kicks
30 Percussion
30 Snares
100 Glitch Noise & FX
10 Risers
10 Textures
Soft Sampler PTCHes for NNXT, FXP Geist, Battery3, Kontakt5, Ableton Live sampler

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