ISR – 6Blocc Hard Talking

ISR - 6Blocc Hard Talking

ISR – 6Blocc Hard Talking

ISR – 6Blocc Hard Talking | 224 MB

09-04-2012 | WAV SAMPLES | 224 MB
6Blocc is back to attack with a terrifying set of hard-edge DUBSTEP samples. Hard Talking hits you with more than 200 ear-busting bass shots. This new ISR super package offers a complete arsenal of dub sonics to put an end to all low end.

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For this heavy stash of Talking Bass and vocal samples, 6Blocc cuts to the heart of his trademark, channeling raw Los Angeles roots that rumble the entire earth.

The legendary DJ and producer debuted on the decks in the mid-80s, and has been registering on the Richter scale ever since. As R.A.W. and B-Boy 3000, he remapped vault lines across hip-hop, jungle, DnB, and hardcore.

When 6Blocc unveiled his signature DUBSTEP sound in 2007, crowds worldwide synched with the seismic bass that unleashes from the deepest pocket and socks you in the gut without batting an eye.

Now, the 6Blocc shots heard ‘round the world represented as in your hands. Hard Talking Super material included the energy behind 6Blocc’s upcoming and recent releases on Foul Play, Ultra, Terminal Dusk, Moonshine, Mad Decent, and Lo Dubs. The fuel behind his recent collaborations with Cypress Hill producer DJ Muggs and San Fran’s Bassnectar. The drive behind 6Blocc’s DUBSTEP remixes of Fugees, Dr. Dre, Method Man & Redman, and Bone Thugz n Harmony, out on his own record label 6DUB.

Hard Talking pairs sub-sonic low-end with extra-crispy top bass holds, allowing you to customize your own earthquakes of total obliteration. This dynamic sample super package featuring chronicle this the bass shots and vocals in Kontakt 4, as well as a slew of gritty Rex.2 files to rip it up. This super package comes in Acid WAV SAMPLES and Apple Loops so you can drop ‘n’ ROCK these 24-bit bass boomers into your own tunes.

For double dub power, Hard Talking makes the perfect addition to 6Blocc’s DUBSTEP Ammo, where you’ll find wobble bass sounds, booming drum loops, effects bombs, grinding synth loops and of learning lessons rumbling sub bass.

Once again Industrial Strength Samples delivers another solid follow up and studio banger all in one down load !

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