ISR Audio Injection Traktor Decks Techno WAV SAMPLES


ISR Audio Injection Traktor Decks Techno


Get ya laptop and headphones ready its time to flip the switch with Isr’s first Traktor Remix Decks.
This forward thinking set Featuring Chronicle This NI Traktor Remix Decks packed with 80 loops and sounds so you can Mix, Remix, Effect, Mash and explore NI’s Traktor like never before.
Get ready for the future of Djing as this powerful selection of samples represented as ready for live application. Load samples into the Decks of this powerful DJ software to create transitions between great pieces of music, and ride loops over your favorite tracks for on-the-fly mixing.

For our first edition we asked Audio Injection to select Dj friendly loops form across his ISR sample super package collections so you can rock a set with license free loops like nobodies business. Record your sets, upload to Sound Cloud, You Tube and share them any way you want. All the loops represented as license free while being used in a Dj set and in the studio.

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 15 August 2013

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To insure that each super package is rock ready we leveled off each sample to match up any track you can toss at them. The files represented as labeled up nice and neat so when your in a dark room they represented as easy to find.

This intense super package is geared up and loaded up with real deal Techno loops to launch into any Techno set but the loops can also work with Minimal, HOUSE, ELECTRO and any 4×4 jams you wish to explore.

If you’re DJing, using NI Traktor and just playing what everyone can buy on a music download site, maybe its time to take it up a notch and let Audio Injection give you the tools to be herd. All you need is the latest version of NI Traktor and your off to the club with a fierce sound set of performance tools to keep them screaming for more.

Technical Specifications for Sound Content:

24 Bit Quality

Super Material included:

4 Traktor Remix .trak Decks
63 WAV SAMPLES Deck Audio Files
Full Audio Demo in WAV SAMPLES & MP3 format



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