ISR – Lenny Dee Drum Shots Vol 1 MULTIFORMAT SAMPLES

Lenny Dee Drum Shots Vol 1

ISR – Lenny Dee Drum Shots Vol 1

Lenny Dee Drum Shots Vol 1 | 160 MB

Drumshots is the newest collection from none other than ISR’s Lenny Dee.
This collection of drum hits is from Lenny Dee’s personal drum collection that he created over the last twenty years in the music business. This is the first of many packs to follow.

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Quakeaudio | 09-01-2012 | MULTIFORMAT SAMPLES
Mr. Dee has done countless sessions with his loops and drums sounds throughout the late 80’s and mid 90’s. If you needed a loop, drum hit, or dirty layer in New York or London during this time, then Lenny Dee was the man to call.

He worked with the likes of KLF, Arthur Baker, Eric Kupper, N-Joy, Caspa Pound, Victor Simonelli, Carl Cox, Al Jarreau, New Order, The Shamen, The Tramps and of learning lessons his legendary studio partner Frankie Bones. The list is too long for this or any blurb actually.

This new collection was so big we decided to release it in smaller packs over time at a great price. This first super package Super material included a plethora of drum sounds that he recorded and created in NYC, Brooklyn, London, France, Holland, and pretty much all over the world.

Some of the sounds in this super package were recorded through an SSL E, G, Neve, Amek, Harrison Api, Sound Craft, Sony Mci right on down to a low fi Mackie mixers and various DJ mixers. Sounds were also made in the box with modern software and samples recorded to tape. Some shots contain effects, but for the most part the sounds represented as dry and possess and dominate enough headroom for you to add any effect with no premastering issues. All the samples represented as 24 Bit 44.1khz

The samples in this super package possess and dominate 100% potential to find there way into any production ranging from Pop to the most modern and demanding underground electronic music.

Drumshots also boast Battery 3,Ni Machine,Logic Esx,Redrum and Kontakt 4 kits to make this super package a flexible tool when trying to access these sounds.

Don’t miss out on this truly historical sample super package of drums sounds from this legendary producer.

Technical Specifications for sound content:

24 Bit quality

Super material included:

276 Wav Samples
10 Crash Cymbals
33 Hi Hats
84 Kick Drums
41 Live Hits
52 Snares
40 Various Shots
7 Bonus Fx
9 Claps

3 Battery 3 Kits
2 Maschine Kits
2 Kontakt 4 Kits
3 EXS24 Kits
6 ReDrum Kits

Download ISR – Lenny Dee Drum Shots Vol 1 MULTIFORMAT SAMPLES

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