ISR Rudeboy Bass WAV SAMPLES AiFF Synth Presets

ISR Rudeboy Bass WAV SAMPLES AiFF Synth Presets

ISR Rudeboy Bass

Rudeboy Bass WAV SAMPLES AiFF Synth Presets | 235 MB

Rude Boy Bass doesn’t play nice. This DUBSTEP super package fights back with round upon round of heavyweight basslines primed by the pros at Industrial Strength Records to wobble the walls and rattle the senses.

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Get ready to dig into deep DUBSTEP bass samples. These booming loops represented as supported by a slew of raucous Tearouts, vivid DUBSTEP Riffs, and sick sounds to lay down the foundation and finishing touches of your modern DUBSTEP creations with a single audio soundest.

The possibilities only begin from there: Rude Boy Bass is formatted for Apple Loops and Wav, and each baseline clocks in at 140 BPM for instant mixin n’ matchin.

Like all ISR packs, you’ll hear top-quality 24-bit, 44.1 kHz files, which translate to clarity and depth for your daw.

Pair Rude Boy Bass with ISR’s DUBSTEP Massive and encounter a duo to reckon with by expanding your range with even more tight drum loops, infectious synth melodies, and a slew of NI Massive PTCHes to tweak. All the makings for a deadly pair.

So to get you started this wicked ISR super package also Super material included some super cool bonus packs such as Future Clash, Drum Shots Vol.2, and of learning lessons DUBSTEP Massive which featuring chronicle this audio and 5 Ni Massive PTCHes. Rudeboy Bass also Super material included drum loops, effects and everything you here in the booming demo track.

Technical Specifications for sound content:

24 Bit Quality

Super material included:

23 Bass Patterns
16 Bass Shots
23 Complex Bass Combos
20 Drum Loops
12 Effects
05 Vocals
10 Gritty Basslines
10 Talking Bass Loops
09 Misc Bass Loops
10 Sub Loops
10 Drops
11 Wobble Loops
10 Synth & Pads
13 Assortment Demo Clips
23 Demo Clip Bass combos
20 Future Clash Samples
13 DUBSTEP Massive Samples
05 DUBSTEP NI Massive PTCHes
10 Drum Shots Vol. 2 Hits

ISR Rudeboy Bass Sample super package (Demo) by SOROKA

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