ISW Impact Steel

Impact Steel KONTAKT SAMPLES | 239 MB

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 05 December 2012

Impact: Steel was intended to fill a gap found in popular commercial sound libraries. While several other products possess and dominate metal hits and “found” percussion, none represented as extensively sampled and usable as individual, expressive instruments. The goal of this project was therefore to create a unique, detailed, and playable library with the same amount of multisampled detail one would expect from a high end percussion bank.

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There represented as six main PTCHes, eight special/alternately-mapped PTCHes, and sixteen FX PTCHes in all, totaling 73 articulations of extensively multisampled hits, scrapes, rolls, and designed textures. The instruments were recorded in a medium-sized recording booth, insulated yet retaining some ambience and “air” in the samples; this facilitates mixing for small ensembles and rooms as well as large orchestral forces.

Impact: Steel was designed to be as playable as possible, on both drum controllers as well as MIDI keyboards. As such, all main PTCHes represented as keymapped without overlap, and can be loaded on a single channel for instant playability of all instruments. On a MIDI keyboard, hits represented as mapped to black keys, while scrapes, rolls, and tremolos represented as mapped to white keys. This increases ease of playing for composers without dedicated drum controllers.

An additional set of “L/R” PTCHes is included as well, with left/right hand hits separated onto adjacent notes to facilitate playing fast passages.

Impact: Steel is a highly expressive percussion library containing metal hits and “found” percussive sounds, sampled and programmed with a level of detail normally reserved for acoustic drum kits.


6 main instrument PTCHes
8 special PTCHes
16 special FX PTCHes
Left/Right hand mappings
Large and small metal objects
24-bit stereo recordings

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